ACI 2018 Flatwork Project Award Of Merit

Congratulations to the GEC-GNO office for all their hard work on this project! This is truly a well-deserved award.

The American Concrete Institute(ACI) Louisiana Chapter selected G.E.C., Inc. for the 

2018 Flatwork Project Award of Merit 


Palmisano Drainage Improvements

in recognition of outstanding and innovative use of concrete products


Palmisano Drainage Improvements Project Highlights:

GEC was selected by the St. Bernard Parish Government to provide professional engineering services for the design and construction administration to improve the existing drainage pump station on Plaza Drive. 

Specifications included: 

  • Improvements to the drainage system encompassing Plaza Dr. and Palmisano Blvd. from E. St. Bernard Hwy. to the outfall on the 20 Arpent Canal in Chalmette, LA. 
  • Improvements to the lift station, included a new concrete foundation and adjacent concrete pavement.
  • An upgrade of its outfall into the Palmisano Blvd. drainage system to relieve the recurring ponding during rainfall events. 
  • Improvements to the pumping station capacity and the drainage ditch on St. Bernard Hwy.
  • Replacing the undersized culverts under St. Bernard Hwy. by installing 400’ of 58” x 36” RCPA, approximately 2,000 L.F. of 8’x 4’ and 2,500 L.F. of 10’x 6’ pre-cast concrete box culverts in the open ditch along Palmisano Blvd. 
  • A four-lane concrete bridge crossing the 20 Arpent Canal.

The Palmisano drainage system consists of approximately 100 plus acres of land that drains over ground surface through storm drain pipe and directed via pump to an earthen ditch. The ditch runs along St. Bernard Hwy. to Palmisano Blvd., then from St. Bernard Hwy. paralleling Palmisano Blvd. running approximately 4,900 feet to the 20 Arpent Canal. The improvements provide protection under the 100 year flood guidelines. 

The drainage improvements were completed utilizing concrete in various functions; 

  • concrete drainage station structure, 
  • installation of reinforced concrete pipe conflict boxes,
  • precast concrete box culverts to replace the existing canal along the east side of Palmisano Blvd.,
  • concrete pavement for streets, catch basins, curbs, crosswalks and the construction of a (10’W x 3,800’L) shared use path along Palmisano Blvd.

The area surrounding Palmisano Blvd. had been impacted by drainage problems following Hurricane Katrina. FEMA provided federal assistance through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) to reduce or eliminate the long term risk to people and property from such natural hazards. 

Beautification of the path provides accessibility, mobility, and safety, as well as improved access to Chalmette High School, La Cost Elementary School, St. Bernard Parish Library, and nearby sporting facilities for all residents.

The Palmisano Drainage Improvements Project required the expertise of many GEC employees. We would like to recognize these employees for a job well done! 

Landon Beck                              Cary Bourgeois

Rob Dugas                                  Mike Edwards

Alec Flores                                 Bill Haensel

Michael Hattaway                    George Hudson

Doug Inwood                             Jerry Klier

Jeffery Lund                               Bruce Nugent

Wendy Nugent                           Varaprasad Ramaraju Venkata

Dawn Roshto                              Nancy Shaw

Tom Swanson                             Henry Taylor

Peggy Thurston                          Elsie Wilson