Bluebonnet Blvd. (Perkins Road to Picardy Avenue)

GEC was selected by the City-Parish of East Baton Rouge to design an additional lane in each direction on Bluebonnet Blvd., currently a four-lane roadway between Perkins Road and Picardy Avenue. GEC completed a design study and is currently in the final design phase for a six-lane boulevard, curb and gutter roadway with subsurface drainage, green infrastructure and pedestrian facilities. GEC’s design is in accordance with MOVEBR Design Guidelines and Consultant Services Manual.

GEC’s design study included preliminary horizontal/vertical alignments and intersection geometry based on LIDAR information.

GEC performed a study of the existing bridge over Dawson Creek to determine whether the bridge should be widened or replaced in accordance with Part 1, Chapter 6 of the LADOTD BDEM. GEC performed an NBIS bridge inspection to determine Condition Ratings for the bridge superstructure, substructure, and piles.  A Bridge Load Rating was then carried out based on the AASHTO Manual of Bridge Evaluation and the LADOTD BDEM.  Based on the load rating, GEC recommended that the existing bridge be replaced.  GEC performed a preliminary design on the replacement bridge and provided estimated construction costs for the new structure.

GEC provided a hydraulic analysis for Dawson Creek Bridge replacement. GEC will provide a complete analysis of the existing drainage system to determine its adequacy and necessary modifications following completion of a topographic survey.

GEC is participating in public and other agency meetings, including bi-weekly status meetings.