I-10 & I-12 College Dr Flyover Ramp Design-Build

The BOH/GEC Team was selected to provide bridge design and engineering services for this Design-Build contract. Our Team developed an innovative approach to this Project that exceeds the project goals established by LADOTD. By realigning I-12 WB mainlines to more closely follow I-12 EB mainlines and eliminating a new Overpass Bridge structure over the existing I-12 WB, our approach eliminates the need to relocate the existing concrete sound barrier near the Bocage and Jefferson Place neighborhoods, greatly minimizing any noise or visual impacts during and after construction. Additionally, our approach allows us to construct the majority of the project without any significant changes to current traffic patterns, greatly increasing worker and public safety.

The Boh Bros. Team’s design improves the flow of traffic and safety of the I-10 & I-12 College Dr Flyover Ramp Design-Build Project by improving the I-10/I-12 merge through the elimination of lane changes that must occur when I-10 WB traffic exits at College Drive. Our design achieves this by realigning the two existing I-12 WB through lanes to more closely follow the I-12 EB existing alignment, completely replacing the I-10 WB Overpass Bridge with a new structure at a bridge width which will accommodate both the I-10 WB through lanes and the I-10 WB College exit ramp, and utilizing the existing I-12 WB pavement for the I-12 WB College Drive exit ramp. Improvements to the I-12/I-10 exit lane with College Drive intersection are also included.

Additionally, our design provides an improvement to traffic maintenance by allowing most of the new I-10 WB Bridge Overpass structure and I-12 WB mainline pavement to be constructed without impacts to existing traffic patterns. Additionally, our replacement of the I-10 WB Bridge Overpass can be completed in just 2 phases. This will greatly improve construction access and staging by providing sufficient areas for safe acceleration/deceleration construction access lanes. Our design only requires one span of bridge construction over I-12 EB through lanes, reducing any required traffic impacts by 50%. Our design eliminates the need to relocate the existing concrete sound barrier and construction of a Bridge Overpass near the Bocage and Jefferson Place neighborhoods. Eliminating this work will avoid any extensive construction activities adjacent to the ROW in that area, greatly minimizing any impacts to surrounding property owners, business owners, and the traveling public.

GEC will provide all professional engineering services including all engineering, design quality control and construction observation services. GEC is responsible for compilation, submittal, and approval of the Interchange Modification Report (IMR).

GEC’s construction phase services include environmental assessments, environmental mitigation, including wetland mitigation, permit modification services, review and approval of shop drawings and submittals, load ratings, design, design quality control services, construction observations, geotechnical/foundation testing and inspection, construction inspection services when required, sub-consultant services, furnish and install survey control points and project baseline, geometric alignment and as-built drawings.

GEC’s services include:

  • Environmental Compliance (plans, permits, approvals, reports, records, and monitoring)
  • Design of Temporary and Permanent Works through Final Design (including, design reports, design drawings, and Project Specifications)
  • Design Support during Construction
    • As-Built Drawings, Manuals, and Reports
    • Activities of the Design Quality Manager and Staff (Design QC)
  • Project-Wide Maintenance of Traffic
    • Maintenance of Traffic Plan and Updates
    • Traffic Control Plan(s) and Updates
  • Project-Wide Environmental Mitigation and Compliance
    • Environmental Investigations and Documentation
    • Environmental Mitigation Measures and Plans
    • SPDES Preparation
    • Interchange Modification Report
  • Project-Wide Hazardous and Contaminated Substances Remediation Activities
    • Environmental Design and Monitoring of Construction Zone

Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2021, with an estimated completion of late 2022. This is the fifth design build project administered through the Office of Innovative Procurement since 2016. This project is being funded through the state’s first issuance of GARVEE bonds, which are special bonds that will be repaid over 12 years using federal funds allocated to Louisiana.