Charles “Tem” Fontaine III, M.S., P.E.

Vice President - Coastal Tech-G.E.C., Inc.

Mr. Fontaine is a Coastal Engineer with more than 10 years of coastal engineering project management experience throughout the Southeast United States. He provides planning, design, permitting, and construction phase consulting services focused on coastal projects including beach and dune nourishment projects and coastal structures. Mr. Fontaine has a wide range of experience applying coastal numerical models to better understand the coastal processes surrounding coastal projects including the Mike21 Suite, CMS Suite, DNRBS, and CEDAS.

Caminada Headland Beach and Dune Restoration, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana: In 2013, Mr. Fontaine served as the Resident Project Representative performing on-site construction observations on behalf of the CPRA. Mr. Fontaine resided on the contractors dredge performing construction observation services for 12 hours per day on a rotation with other Resident Project Representatives.

St. Lucie County South Beaches Restoration, Ft. Pierce, Florida: Since 2007, Mr. Fontaine has been the Coastal Engineer for this project, utilizing his modeling experience by applying DNRBS to calculate the response of a shoreline in the vicinity of a beach nourishment project due to alongshore ‘spreading’ of the beach fill. Mr. Fontaine assisted in the Bidding phase and provides construction supervision. Mr. Fontaine performed post-construction physical monitoring of the project and assisted the County with an effort to increase the potential USACE funding cost share for a potential future Federal Authorization of the Project.


Master of Science, Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering, University of Florida, 2008

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, 2006

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