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Water Supply Economics

An adequate supply of clean healthful water is an essential ingredient to a region’s economic prosperity and quality of life. While the wise development, management and use of available water supplies has only recently emerged as a problem in some areas, GEC staff has been assisting federal, state and local agencies in water supply development and management for more than 20 years.

The evaluation of existing and projected water usage requires awareness of socioeconomic trends and regional growth. Quantifying available water supplies requires hydrologic modeling experience. Development of plans to meet future requirements requires engineering, financial, legal and institutional specialists. Professionals in each of these technical areas are available at GEC to address water supply issues of any magnitude.

GEC’s planners, engineers, and economists have developed niche capabilities in regional water demand and conservation studies. GEC’s economists and planners have extensive experience in the economic data-driven IWR-MAIN model, and our engineers are experienced in water systems capacity studies and leak detection surveys.


  • Existing Water Use Estimates
  • Water Demand Projections Utilizing IWR-MAIN
  • Evaluation of Surface and Groundwater Quality
  • Development of Water Conservation Plans
  • Conduct of Water Cost and Rate Studies
  • Conduct of Leak Detection Surveys