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Coastal Planning, Engineering & Restoration

Coastal Planning, Engineering & Restoration

GEC’s planners, engineers, environmental specialists, economists, and GIS specialists are nationally recognized for effective multidisciplinary solutions to coastal and wetland deterioration for federal, state, and municipal clients from California to Georgia and from the Great Lakes to Louisiana.

About GEC: Established in 1986, GEC has grown into a multidisciplinary firm of national prominence. We offer an extensive range of capabilities and expertise in engineering studies and design, planning, landscape architecture and urban design, environmental services, coastal planning and engineering, economics, geographic information systems, construction management and infrastructure program management.

About Noble Consultants: Established in 1981, Noble Consultants traces its history to 1958 and specializes in ocean, coastal, estuarine, riverine, and water resources engineering. Our services include site investigations and studies, planning, coastal analyses, numerical and hydraulic modeling, design, development of construction plans and specifications, and construction management. Noble Consultants was acquired by GEC in October 2013, and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of GEC.

About Coastal Tech: Coastal Technology Corporation, a GEC company, was founded in November 1984 as a Florida corporation and has been continuously engaged since that time in providing coastal engineering services including planning and design, coastal geology, numerical modeling, environmental and permitting, and construction administration services. In 2014, Coastal Tech was acquired by GEC. Our acquisition by this national firm, adds greater depth and breadth to Coastal Tech’s existing staff and services.


Typical coastal engineering services can involve investigations and monitoring of coastal processes, beach nourishment, shoreline erosion protection, coastal storm flood damage protection, barrier island restoration, sediment and freshwater diversions, creek and river inlet maintenance, navigation channel maintenance and dredging, dock, bulkhead, and public access way improvements and maintenance, and water circulation and associated water quality enhancement issues.

GEC’s team of senior level planning and design professionals, coastal scientists, environmental specialists, program management experts, and construction experts has been specifically assembled to provide a full service response to any project. Our team has routinely assisted coastal agencies with all of the necessary planning, design, and construction expertise to address analyses of existing conditions, existing facility retrofit, and the design of improvements.

GEC’s extensive portfolio includes initial site investigations and consultation, field monitoring and data collection, hydrographic surveying, hydrologic and coastal analyses ( flood levels, flood routing, wave dynamics, beach processes, tides, currents, sedimentation, water quality), development of hydrologic, hydraulic and coastal design criteria, planning, permitting and design of hydrologic and coastal structures ( flood barriers, dikes, shore protection, beach replenishment, breakwaters, groins, navigation improvements, marina layouts and berthing, piers, docks, waterfront bulkheads, etc.), preparation of construction drawings, specifications and bid documents, planning reports, cost-benefit analysis, project cost estimates, environmental impact assessments, construction inspection and monitoring, and post- construction monitoring. Projects have been performed for government agencies, corporate industry and private individuals along coastal shorelines, marshes, estuaries, bays, lagoons, reservoirs, lakes, rivers and inland waterways throughout the United States and the world.