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Riverine & Estuarine

Hydrology, Hydraulics & Flooding
  • Hydrologic analysis and precipitation-runoff processes.
  • Water budgets and supply.
  • 1-D steady & unsteady hydraulics.
  • Flood dynamics, flood hazard assessment and flood mapping.
  • 1-D & 2-D hydrodynamics.
  • River discharge and currents.
  • Water levels, water depths and flow velocities.
  • Estuarine tidal circulation, tidal flushing and tidal muting.
  • Estuarine inundation frequencies.
Sediment Transport & Morphology
  • Non-cohesive and cohesive sediment transport.
  • Suspended sediment concentration and vertical profiles.
  • River morphology and sediment budgets.
  • Reservoir sedimentation.
  • Stable channel and erosion control.
  • Estuarine sedimentation and inlet stability.
Constituent Transport & Water Quality
  • Water quality parameters, residence time and water exchange time.
  • Pollutant transport, dispersion, decay and fate.
  • Point source discharge.
  • Water quality of rivers and estuaries.
  • Lake and reservoir water quality.
  • Salinity intrusion and mixing zone definition.