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Disaster Recovery Management

GEC helps clients rebuild their communities and plan resilience efforts against future events. At GEC, we guide our clients through the various federally-funded programs, including FEMA and HUD disaster recovery programs, to aid understanding and successfully apply these funding streams to their recovery needs. Our team of engineers, project managers, grant managers, and other specialists create a collaborative environment that facilitates recovery efforts, so important to restoring disaster-affected communities.

Our philosophy for providing successful disaster recovery consulting services consists of supplying quality personnel and customizable software; transferring knowledge through effective training; and by continuously pushing recovery operations toward timely completion through our tested project management procedures with a focus on continued improvement and innovation. We help clients by implementing project schedules to accommodate operational demands, ensuring facilities are within budget that maximize the yield of their program dollars, providing effective communication across all service providers and stakeholders, and providing and implementing protocols to overcome unexpected project challenges and mitigate program risk.

By working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, our objective is to prevent delays, maximize eligible funding, and avoid appeals.