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Dredged Material Management

GEC possesses extensive, nationwide experience in the development of preliminary assessments and turnkey Dredge Material Management Plans (DMMPs) for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Dredge material is a valuable resource that requires evaluation and management in today’s coastal environment, and GEC develops DMMPs in accordance with Guidance for Conducting Civil Works Planning Studies (Engineering Regulation {ER} 1105-2-100). The plans typically include the following services:

  • Dredged material quantity forecasting
  • Plan Formulation
  • Screening of placement sites, including upland, ocean, beach nourishment, marsh restoration, and other beneficial use options
  • MCACES/MII Cost Estimating
  • NEPA Compliance
  • Sediment and water quality sampling and analysis for Section 103 Compliance
  • Hydrodynamic modeling
  • Wetland Value Assessments
  • Mitigation Plans
  • Interagency and public coordination