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Coastal & Ocean

Wave Generation & Propagation
  • Wave hindcasting, wind generated waves, spectral sea states, wave growth and decay.
  • Spectral and monochromatic wave propagation, wave shoaling, refraction, diffraction and breaking.
  • Wave transmission, reflection and wave structure interaction.
Tide and Wind Induced Circulation
  • Tidal harmonics analysis and tidal prediction.
  • Tidal circulation and flushing.
  • Wind induced circulation.
Wave Induced Circulation
  • Radiation stresses.
  • Wave induced alongshore and cross-shore currents and vertical profiles.
  • Wave setup and wave-current interaction.
Sediment Transport & Coastal Morphology
  • Alongshore and cross-shore sediment transport and sediment concentration.
  • Long-term shoreline evolution and sediment budgets.
  • Storm induced beach, dune, bluff and shoreline erosion.
  • Beach nourishment performance, inlet stability and offshore bar migration.
Storm Surge & Coastal Flooding
  • Wave runup and overtopping.
  • Storm surge and storm induced beach/dune erosion.
  • Coastal flood mapping.
Constituent Transport & Water Quality
  • Water quality parameters, residence time and water exchange time.
  • Pollutant transport, dispersion, decay and fate.
  • Point source discharge.
  • Salinity distribution.