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Phipps Ocean Park – Re-Nourishment Reach 7

Client: Town of Palm Beach, Florida

Areas of Expertise: Coastal Planning, Engineering & Restoration

Coastal Tech-GEC designed and permitted the initial 2006 beach restoration and the first re-nourishment project constructed in 2016. The 2006 initial restoration project included placement of about 1,095,600 cubic yards of sand over 1.4 miles of Atlantic beach. The 2006 sand fill rapidly and significantly eroded along the northern portion of the fill area as was predicted by Coastal Tech-GEC via application of the GENESIS and SBEACH numerical models during the design formulation.

Coastal Tech-GEC also designed and permitted the first re-nourishment project constructed in 2016 – consistent with and as anticipated by our 2006 design.  Monitoring by the Town indicates that actual hardbottom impacts from the initial restoration did not exceed that estimated by Coastal Tech-GEC in 2006.

As part of the initial 2006 project planning, design, and permitting, Coastal Tech-GEC:

  • mapped and characterized hardbottom;  
  • formulated the beach-fill project design and hardbottom mitigation;
  • developed an EIS per USACE regulations;
  • obtained USACE and FDEP permits for the beach-fill and mitigation reef; and
  • oversaw construction of a mitigation reef.

As part of the 2016 re-nourishment project planning, design, and permitting, Coastal Tech-GEC:

  • evaluated alternatives – using the Mike21 suite of models – including beach fill and possible groins to maintain a minimal beach in the northern portion of the project area;
  • evaluated the initial maintenance and annual costs of each alternative;
  • assessed the ability of each alternative to meet Town objectives;
  • assessed permit feasibility and obtained FDEP and USACE staff concurrence, who readily indicated their receptiveness to replacing the originally designed beach fill template;
  • concluded that potential short groins would help to maintain a minimal beach width for recreation, but would not significantly increase protection of upland property;
  • performed detailed analysis of geotechnical data by others to delineate the borrow area and prescribe “maximum cut depths”; and
  • developed Drawings and Technical Specifications – used by the Town for bidding and construction.

Year Completed:  2016 (Re-nourishment)

Total Fees: $560,203 (2016 Re-nourishment – Design & Permitting)

Total Cost: Estimated:  $16.8M

                     Actual:  $17.0M

Project Completion Date:      Actual:  November 10, 2015      

                                                        Proposed:  April 12, 2015

(Design & Permitting – delays in NMFS consultation)