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Engineering Studies / Investigations

Bridges & Roadways

GEC’s experience includes studies and investigations of bridges and roadways. In the planning stages of bridges, studies of structure type, depth and span lengths are required to determine the optimal bridge structure arrangements that are cost efficient and meet the horizontal and vertical clearance requirements of the adjacent facilities whether they be roadway, railroad or stream crossings. Likewise, during the planning stages of roadway, GEC has extensive experience with line and grade studies, which are required to determine if facilities adjacent to planned roadways are accommodated.

Civil & Structural Engineering

In many instances, GEC’s clients require due diligence to research various alternatives before a solution can be designed and constructed. GEC’s professionals have the ability to study and investigate an immense range of subjects to provide our clients with efficient and optimal cost alternatives to their projects or facilities. Examples of GEC’s capabilities with studies and investigations include; land use, flood, wetlands, soils, traffic, cost benefit, roadway types, structure types, constructability, and construction techniques.

Water & Sewerage Systems