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I-10 Widening –Causeway Blvd. to 17th Street Canal

Client: Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Areas of Expertise: Civil & Structural Engineering, Bridges & Roadways

GEC designed this project which consisted of adding travel lanes (by widening toward the inside and outside of the existing roadways), acceleration lanes, and deceleration lanes to create an eight to twelve lane Urban Freeway Section, including sound walls over the entire length.

Ramp and frontage road alignments were updated to improve the flow of traffic. The sequence of construction was developed to maintain three lanes of traffic in each direction, including maintaining a temporary signing plan for the ever-changing interchange configurations. A new subsurface drainage system was designed for drainage of the entire project. There are two major overpasses that required widening due to the additions of the new lanes (Bonnabel Boulevard and Oaklawn Drive). These overpasses have steel and prestressed concrete girder spans, pile bents and column bents. A new flyover bridge (Ramp 3) takes the North Frontage Road traffic over the exit ramp from I-10 Westbound to Northbound Causeway Boulevard. Design of Ramp 3 included the design of a two span (400 ft.) continuous covered steel plate girder unit supported by an integral steel bent cap. Sound walls and final signing layout was also added along the corridor as part of this project. Also included in the design was a DOTD compliant roadway lighting and power distribution system consisting of the following lighting standards: ground mount low mast, ground mount high mast, structure mount low mast, and underpass. In addition, GEC provided construction support for this project.