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Intelligent Transportation Systems Design

GEC has delivered systems engineering analysis, final design/plan preparation, and construction engineering and inspection services on 45 LADOTD ITS Projects.

GEC reviews contractor produced schedules and enjoys an extraordinarily low rate of contractor claims based on schedule delays. GEC’s continued partnership with LADOTD has allowed for consistency in ITS deployments across the state.

As a result of past performance, LADOTD has continued to select GEC to perform ITS services on various challenging and complex projects for 15 years. As your trusted ITS consultant, we have exceeded expectations on four (4) ITS Design and CE&I retainers and look forward to continuing to raise the bar in the future. GEC’s staff has firsthand experience in installation, integration, and maintenance of ITS (power, communication, and software systems). We use this knowledge to anticipate conflicts during construction, thus minimizing delays and keeping projects on schedule.