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Lighting Systems Designs

Civil & Structural Engineering

GEC’s staff of electrical engineers can provide our clients with designs that will illuminate any facility. Our engineers have a broad range of lighting experience from highways to airports, subdivisions to ball parks, as well as specialized exterior decorative lighting systems.

Water & Sewerage Systems

GEC’s electrical engineers are experienced with providing power and lighting systems at water and wastewater infrastructure facilities.

Electrical Engineering

GEC recognizes the importance of achieving proper lighting levels for each specific application.  Whether it is roadway, area, security, or indoor lighting, in-depth photometric analysis is a must for both safety and efficiency.  GEC has a highly capable staff, well-versed in performing photometric calculations, interpreting the results and incorporating applicable lighting standards and energy codes.  For accuracy and efficiency, GEC utilizes the latest available software packages for the performance of photometric analysis, contour plots, and renderings of the installation.

GEC has held a retainer contract with LADOTD Bridge Design Electrical since 2012 to perform Roadway Lighting Systems Design, Construction Services, and Oversight.