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Program Coordinator Services for Hurricane Laura Recovery Projects at McNeese State University

Client: Louisiana State Office of Facility Planning and Contol (FP&C)

Areas of Expertise: Disaster Recovery Management

GEC coordinated with FP&C and McNeese in all aspects of the University’s recovery project including engagement with ORM and A/E design teams. GEC worked with the Design Team for each prioritized building contained in the Report of Building Assessment to provide each Design Team with the Building Assessment report and identify any and all available funding options, including but not limited to FEMA reimbursement, insurance proceeds, and CDBG funds. By implementing and adhering to project schedules, GEC successfully accommodated the operational demands of the University and its students while also ensuring the facilities were within a budget that maximized the yield of PA program dollars.

This project was instrumental in recovering McNeese State University’s key facilities so that Spring semester classes could begin on time in proper classrooms. The project enabled students to return to campus in 2021 and ensured sports facilities were operable in time for Spring sports. Our aggressive push to assess over 200 facilities in under two weeks enabled a rapid timeline for refurbishing key facilities ahead of the start of the Spring semester.