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SWBNO, HMGP Retrofit Power Distribution Network, New Orleans, LA

Client: Sewerage & Water Board New Orleans

Areas of Expertise: Electrical Engineering, Construction Engineering Support

HMGP Retrofit Power Distribution Network – GEC teamed with Grady Crawford on this Design-Build project as the Designer. The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans identified a number of existing power conductors to be replaced in this project. These conductors serve drainage pumping stations all over the city and date back between 1935 to 1963. The Sewerage and Water Board identified each of these as vital feeders whose upgrade could have prevented some of the flooding that the city experienced during Katrina. These feeders are to be upgraded as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency-funded Retrofit Power Plant Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Project.

Project limits include modeling and network analysis of a substantial portion of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans power distribution system. The design build project consists of installing two new 750 kCMIL power feeders in existing duct bank (approximately 45,000’ of cable) and replacing eight existing power feeders with new 750 kCMIL cables in both new and existing duct bank (approximately 250,000’ of cable). GEC provided all design services and supported the construction contractor by assisting with permitting, quality assurance, engineering support, and project management.

The project limits extend from the existing or planned switchgear to the existing or planned destination switchgear for each feeder circuit running through downtown New Orleans. Routes affected include N. Carrollton Ave, N. Broad St. and Earhart Blvd and stations within the limits include the Central Carrollton Plant, Carrollton Frequency Changer, Oak River and New River Station and multiple lift stations. Total length of the project is over 95,000 linear feet including 125,000 linear feet of conduit and 300,000 linear feet of conductors to be constructed in both existing and new duct bank

GEC’s scope of work includes:

  • Project Management Services
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Construction Permitting
  • Construction Quality Review
  • Schedule Quality Review
  • Power Distribution System Analysis including Arc Flash for 60Hz equipment
  • Design for eight replacement feeders and two new feeders to serve as additional redundancy

Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Control Plan