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Wastewater Pump Station No. 58 Replacement – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Client: City of Baton Rouge

Areas of Expertise: Water & Sewerage Systems

GEC managed the replacement of a 50-year old wastewater pump station of the dry well/wet well type with a modern and larger capacity submersible type wastewater pump station.

GEC designed several unique features from sitting through hydrodynamics for the existing wastewater pump station, located near the main entrance to the LSU Burden Center and Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. GEC’s design services included a reconfiguration of the site to relocate the pump station to an area more compatible with the long-range development plans for the Burden Center, while maintaining service at the existing pump station during the construction of the new submersible pump stations. The project consists of the construction of two separate but interchangeable pump stations: one of which handles normal daily wastewater flow up to 30 MGD, while the other receives flow in excess of 30 MGD and up to 90 million MGD, for a total pump station capacity of 120 MGD. The pump station required the installation of six 4,170 GPM pumps in the dry weather pump station and six 12,500 GPM pumps in the wet weather pump station. The design of these two pump station wet wells was based on results obtained from both a Physical Hydraulic Flow Model Study and Computational Fluid Dynamic Flow Study of the wet wells. GEC’s design services also included the installation of 72 in. and 84 in. gravity sanitary sewers, the installation of 16 in., 36 inch, 48 in., and 60 in. ductile iron pipe force mains, electrical control building, electrical standby diesel fuel generators, site paving, installation of a roundabout for the new Burden Center Entrance Road, fencing, and landscaping.

Project Costs: $ 13,000,000 (construction), $ 2,500,000 (fee)

Project Size: Six (6) 4,170 GPM pumps in the dry weather pump station and six (6) 12,500 GPM pumps in the wet weather pump station